Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Me and Billie Joel -- at the library

Well, Billie isn't here, he's on my ipod -- but, his music makes me work and type faster, so that is a good thing.

Due to a schedule snafu, I'm going to be on campus tomorrow for 6 hours before my first class -- thus, a chance to get stuff graded.

Right now I'm working on my Supreme Emergency paper -- the one I've promised to nearly everyone (my department at BNCC, another department, my dissertation supervisor and about 45 students... really, everyone) by tomorrow... or, at least drafts to some and a final, final, final version by Friday.

The scary bit is that it looks like I'll actually make it.

If I can get grading done tomorrow, I could be without work that is pressing for the weekend --which would be f-ing amazing. Really-- I can't recall that happening in my recent memory.

With that said, I'd better get back to work!


Bella Sultane said...

Billy Joel was my very first live music concert!

Alice said...

Working under pressure always releases unknown sources of energy.

timna said...

what an exciting idea for a weekend. it's my goal, too. good luck.