Sunday, October 08, 2006

Observtions from the road...

Iowa has much better rest areas than Wisconsin or Illinois...

Illinois is "illegitimate".

A small town near the Wisconsin border is destined for destruction, according to my team -- we decided it was filled with ghouls and should be flattened to make a huge rest area.

It pays to complain -- after all of our hotel problems we got 25% off the bill. I used it to apply to Girl and Dude's room, since they pay for it themselves and the school can afford to pay for craptastic rooms at the Best Western.

With my team, a stop at Denny's for a huge breakfast is a great investment in time. With fully tummies they sleep longer and we can actually drive quite a ways without a request for a potty or a smoke.

I like the groups "Flogging Nellie" and "Tenacious D" -- who knew. I'm still not a fan of "Tool", "Nine Inch Nails" or "Rage Against the Machine".

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