Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another debate weekend...

We are at hubby's uni for a debate tournament.

This tournament 10 years ago was my first ever experience judging. I watched IEs and timed them on the classroom clock. EEK.

This is also the first tournament for hubby to make it to elimination rounds (his first tournament ever... by the way).

A year or two later this tournament was the first time I'd ever seen hubby debate. He was in finals with his brilliant partner and won... beating the team that would go on to win NPKQRS nationals that same year.

Last year D1 was in semi-finals -- making me regret my tatoo deal. if Swear Jar and Dude make me get a tatoo, I'll die of shock and they'll have to tatoo my corpse...

If things go the way hubby and I would like, in a year or two this will be the ONLY tournament I'll judge at -- and my judging will count as university service toward my tenure package... of course, we both need to be hired into t-t positions first... but, it doesn't hurt to dream a bit.

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