Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Although I love the TV show -- this is a RBC post with numbers....

3 kitties who miss their Cat-Dad.
1 wifey pining for the hubby in tie-dye
1 wife waiting for her hubby to come home.
48 hours from now, hubby finishes crossing the corn fields between here and Red State.
1 more Monday (well -- Wednesday, but Wednesday = Monday) until he comes home
1 more Tuesday (actually Thursday, but Tuesday = Thursday) 'till I see him again.
2 months since we've used the other garage space.
1 week of Fall Break for Hubby's school (thank goodness for snooty private schools and their instance that they need a fall break)
1st time hubby does a week of my schedule... (stay up late, get up early -- work, work, work)
3 nights going to bed without hubby
2 mornings waking up without him
1/2 way done with our first semester apart.

10 days in the sun planned for January.
9 more debate tournaments (or so..) this year.
6 more airline trips planned (debate and personal)
25 pages revised and almost ready to go out after tonight

3 weeks until I have my dissertation paper due to the philosophy colloquium (book club :) -- we are a CC, you know).

1 new/old restaurant found that I'm going to take hubby to... excellent, fresh Chinese food

1st snow is supposed to fall tonight -- early even for here.
1st time I'm glad I teach late on Wednesdays.

9:33 PM, time to go to bed

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