Saturday, October 21, 2006

Debate update -- suits

both teams were 3/3... the boys got NPTE points and LG will get a speaker award -- but, shhhhh if you see her, don't tell her -- I want a surprise. I'm pretty sure she'll get some kind of trophy, which will be her first one.

I kind of feel bad about the girls not breaking. They had a judge who "wanted to vote for them" -- but didn't. I know the feeling as a judge, but if you want to do it -- then f-ing DO IT.

i'm generally very happy about how the teams have performed here. I worried that it would be much worse. Both have better records than they did a couple of weeks ago in the iligitmate state and I'm getting reports that their speaking is improving a lot.

They are watcing a parli elim round right now, then we'll go out for dinner / hang out and eventually eat something, then come back for awards at about 9:00...

Tomorrow we go home. My battle plan is to wake them pretty early, get a good hearty breakfast into them and then hit the road. If I do that, they'll sleep most of the way home and I can make some time before they wake-up and need a cigarette.

If we are out of town by 10:00, I can be dropping them off by 4:30 and returning the van by 5:00 -- that'll be nice. I like to have Sunday evenings and since hubby is staying here, I'd like to have some time to decompress and drown my sadness in some good old-fashioned crappy TV.

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Christopias Spritopher said...

I wish I had seen more rounds where I wanted to vote for both teams instead of wanting to vote against both teams. Your students are learning and winning will progress from the knowledge they gain. You don't want them winning Nats in their neophyte season and perform moderately evermore.