Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Misc stuff...

Read "High School Confidential" -- it is a really good undercover look at where our students come from.... and it is scary as hell.

See "Over the Hedge" -- it is out on video and really funny.

Wish my teams luck at the big scary tournament.... Swear Jar and Dude are in open while Sunshine and LG are in JV. I'd like to have a trophy or two -- but I'm not really expecting it to happen.

Secret note to Ms. Snot

Listen honey, I've been around this thing for a while and the fact that you decided to change a deadline and then get snippy about it doesn't impress me in the least. I remember when your event was small and friendly. Keep at it and I'll decide it isn't worth the hassle. I came close last time around, but somehow I couldn't resist this time -- keep it up and you'll drive away two of the last three people who have been there EVERY year for quite a while... yea, long before you even knew about it and long before he was there... As it is, I'm going to feel no compunction about not doing an extra thing to help you out... sorry, too busy with my own stuff or contemplating my navel to help you. I know you won't connect it to being rude to me and hubby, but so what --- maybe next year we'll go elsewhere.

edited to add: And, you dumb snot, if you had one little thought in your brain, why wouldn't we be there -- aargh....

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bungle said...


You posted once about Project Runway (well, I could find only one post).

C'mon over and join the party at the project Rungay blog! The season is about to end and I'm sure you'll have something of note to add to the comment section. Theirs is in the same blogger.com system as this blog.