Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A snapshot of my afternoon...

Me with my ipod playing Ben Folds "Philosophy" (thanks D2 -- I'd have never heard Ben Folds without you...).

Writing on my PowerBook G4 (12 inch, small and silver :) -- hubby's idea for me, I love it -- he was right again, both about the computer AND the ipod AND the nice headphones...).

At my favorite library, across town near where I grew-up. .....I managed to snag my favorite seat... a view of the changing leaves, gray sky and an outlet nearby. This was the library where we'd go in high school to finish 'humanities' projects, converging on the place as a group to borrow books, laugh and read eachother's work...

Revising (some more) my Philosophy of Language paper.

In spite of the fact that I woke at 4:30 AM (thanks extra-toed cat... NOT), had a rough class this morning and a kind of dull philosophy department meeting at noon, this is a good day.

back to work for me --

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