Thursday, October 26, 2006

Laundry road trip...

So -- hubby has a washing machine and I have 5 bags of laundry to do... 5 big bags.
it costs me $2.50 per machine load to finish a load... but my fuel efficient car can get me to Red State for about the same price as washing all of those things in the lanudry room.... and I get to see hubby.

So, I decided to surprise him. I never lied about what I was doing this weekend. I just packed the laundry into the car and took off. I called him from the Corn state to make sure he'd be home and couldn't resist telling him. 2.5 hours later I made it.

-- now that I I'll do the laundry and work on papers this weekend... with hubby.

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Kate said...

Nice! Hope you have a lovely weekend.