Tuesday, October 24, 2006

and they found their people...

We are, just now, done with our third tournament of the year. There are quite a few more to go, one more tournaments this semester, one over break and quite a few between January and March. Already, my students are making friends on the circuit and talking about what nice people they are meeting.

and it is true --

Kind of like travelling with someone who hasn't done much travelled in the past, watching a new team find new friends in the debate community is a lot of fun. They remind me of why the debate community engaged me 10 years ago and why I will miss all of this when I'm done coaching.

In particular, Sunshine has found her people. She doesn't fit in with our traditional student population -- she's nearly 30 and engaged in what is going on in the world. She's very verbal and excited about geeky things like school. Clearly, the 18-20 year-old stoner/party animal doesn't get Sunshine. Debate geetks get Sunshine. She's contemplating doing speech events just to make sure she's a better scholarship candidate, and to be sure she's able to compete no matter what...

I think our November/January break is going to be hard on Sunshine--- she's going to go into debate withdrawl. I feel for her, the debate DTs are pretty harsh.

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