Monday, October 02, 2006

Next stop, fall break

I seem to be ok in 2 week spurts... we can do these sprints when we are separated without a lot of trauma.

Hubby leaves on an early flight this morning --be at the airport at 6:00 AM is icky no matter what. I'm going to come home and take a nap before I head to school.... I have afternoon classes and coaching tonight, I need my rest.

The nice thing is that hubby will be home for fall break in two weeks. He'll drive up, so he can have a car, and then we'll drive down to Red State the following week for their debate tournament. I'll go back with the team when they are eliminaed from the tournament on Sunday sometime.

Since we'll stay with hubby, we'll get to be together for the week... YEA!

Next weekend we go to a tournament I've never been to -- it should be a decent tournament for us, as several of the teams we've beaten so far are pretty close and expecte to attend -- and we don't anticipate the really hard competition showing up for that one... :). Kind of like a kinky Snow White, we like it hard enough, but not too hard :).

I'm looking forward to fall break, although I'm not sure hubby completely understands my schedule -- it ought to be fun to hear him groan when my T/Th alarm goes off at 5:00 AM....

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