Friday, March 20, 2009

Travel gripes... so what else is new?

and... some interesting conversation in the restroom...

First the gripes --
  • How many people does the old woman need to call because our flight is delayed 20 minutes? She's up to four... come on, it's only 20 minutes.
  • Dude behind me on the cell phone -- you aren't making any sense.... but, you seem to be speaking English.
  • Why do people think it is ok to call and berate their employees from their cell phones, in a very public place? Talk about tacky....
  • Why does it take so darned long to get from Red State to Dirty-hippie-ville? Maybe it's because we need some time to change perspectives... but, including Hubby's class this morning it will be at least 14.5 hours from the front door to the DHV airport. That isn't counting baggage and rental car hassles. I'm thinking at least 16 hours to the hotel.
Now the interesting conversations --

1) Interesting discussion this morning with Hubby's class -- about the ethics of warfare. They were nice and generally engaged. They were a bit better-informed than BNCC students, but they tended to ask the same kinds of questions as my more engaged BNCC students.

2) Somehow I ended up in a conversation with a Harvard biologist/environmentalist. One of her main complaints was that her students aren't well-prepared for college. Yep, that Harvard --- the thing is, her complaints weren't all that different than my gripes about BNCC students.

So, the big question is how far apart are they -- really? What's the real difference between BNCC students, Hubby's Uni students and Harvard students? We like to think that intelligence, merit, working hard is the diference... but, is it?

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