Monday, March 16, 2009

It feels good...

... to be writing the dissertation again.

I have chapter two in much better shape. Tomorrow morning I'll finish it before I get my hair done.

Wednesday I'll do a similar job on chapter one.

Thursday I'll spend cleaning up loose ends and send it to Dr. Advisor... who may or may not be happy to see it :).

Chapter three needs more work, including the creation of a whole new set of philosophical principles -- so, that may have to wait a bit. On the other hand, chapter three is about half-done now... So, at the end of Spring Break I'll have a dissertation that has two pretty decent chapters and two half-chapters that aren't half-bad, but that need finishing.

I'd love to have all of my partial chapters finished by the end of the school year. That will give me one or two chapters to write from scratch over the summer.... plus, a whole lot of revisions -- because Dr. Advisor is good at his job :).

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