Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One more weird Spring Break for me...

I have two teaching days until "Spring" "Break" --

Both words are in quotes for a reason --

The 'spring' part, because it seems to be kind of winter-like here... if BNCC waited until actual Spring for a break, we'd have it some random week in April.

The "Break" part is simply because it isn't really a break... big frigging shocker there, eh? I'm behind on dissertation work. I have class prep and grading to do and I anticipate my few days of break to be spent doing those things....

As has been the case in the past, I'll also spend most of this break in oh-so-exciting Red State. This should be the last break I spend there... so, perhaps there is cause for celebration.

Also, the last weekend of break we'll do debate nationals -- for NPKQUESTE nationals.. Yes, I'm still involved, no it won't necessarily be fun -- in fact, I predict a bunch of hassles.

To top it all off -- my flight from CA comes in about 10:30 PM, the following day I have three meetings, the first one starting at 7:45 -- AND I teach until 9:00 PM. I'd better get some rest before hand -- right??? ummmm.... yea... right.

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