Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Break here I come!!!!

No, it isn't lounging by a pool while a tanned young man brings me fruity drinks.

It isn't climbing a mountain or touring a foreign country.

I'm done with all the misc. department chair stuff (schedule snafus, budgets and the like)... as of a few minutes ago.

I'm done with all the grading I had before my 6:00 PM Wednesday class. That was the class who laughed and cheered when I told them I wasn't bringing their papers on Spring Break with me. I think they'll forgive me if they're a week late.

I'm prepped for class the week after break.

Tomorrow, my only tasks are to copy and turn in the budget forms and get my chemo port flushed (regular maintenance...). Otherwise, I might clean the closet, fold some laundry and read a good book. I deserve a day or two of being a bum.

Sunday we take off for the oh-so-glamorous Red State. The nice thing is that WE are going --

While down there I'll put in 4 days full of dissertation work and then run a national tournament....

Sigh.... maybe next year will be the year I finally get the fruity drinks and tanned boys to bring them to me. More than likely it will be a trip to the Florida "treasure" coast -- whatever that means.... to see Mom/Grandma.

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Psych Post Doc said...

Enjoy being a bum. You certainly deserve it!!