Sunday, March 15, 2009

My union is in negotiations again...

... which leads me to wonder how they'll under-serve my cohort this time.

My union dues are almost $50.00 per paycheck (paid twice a month... every other week) so the union dues are something like $1250 or $1300 per year.

Right now there is significant salary inequity, which started in the contract immediately after I got hired. People hired under contracts AFTER me and my pals get paid more -- because their "experience" is rated differently, thus their starting base salary is higher. There is no provision for this to change and our union ignores it....

Now, there's a provision about sabbaticals that increases pay for full-year sabbaticals. The way I understand it, it applies to people who have had one (i.e. the cohort of the union leadership) AND for those hired this fall... in other words, not US.

My question is what's next -- Maybe as a cost saving measure we'll have to double-up with others in the 'employed 6-9 years' range, while the old folks and the new folks get double offices? Maybe they'll cut our professional development funds and give them to the old (out of date?) and new (fresh, eager scholars)?

Since I generally have a pretty low opinion of our union pres and chief negotiator, I'm worried.


~profgrrrrl~ said...

This is why I don't join my union.

Are you required to join/pay dues?

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

We are in a "fair share" state -- so, even if I don't join, 80% of the dues are deducted from my paycheck, and I don't get to vote. There are also pretty direct threats that the union won't protect you if you aren't a "full-share" member.... and, you can't be on any of the official committees (hiring committees, shared governance, curriculum etc) without being a full-share member.

Yes, it sucks -- and, if I cared just a little bit more I'd make more waves about it.