Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Death tips...

My trip to Florida taught me a few things:
  • It's ok to throw things away -- especially if you're 90 -- sooner or later your grandchildren will have to sort it out for you.
  • Leave clear instructions -- about your finances AND your health desires. Also tell your family if you want to be cremated, where you want to be buried etc. If you can't have the conversation, write it all down and put it in an envelope with "open when I die" on the outside.
  • Keep your current bank information in an obvious place ---- don't make your children hunt for it.
  • Don't buy an urn from the funeral parlor -- instead order it from Costco.com. If you really want to plan ahead, order your own urn -- it's just a box and isn't at all creepy until the ashes are inside.
  • If you want anything specific played or said at your funeral, tell someone. If you're old and cranky, pick the most schmaltzy hymns -- because they'll have to sing them.
  • When you do powers of attorney -- if you're old, don't name your equally old (or older) spouse.
  • When you get old, make sure you have the name of a younger person you trust on your bank accounts -- that way they can pay the bills if you can't.


Bardiac said...

Good advice, all of it.

I'm sorry for your loss, PF.

Anonymous said...

awesome advice. I'm totally keeping it.

I'm also sorry for your loss.

Seeking Solace said...

Very good advice. Many people do not like to discuss these issues, but it is important to get things in order.

The Undertaker said...

a funeral plan is a good idea. I doesn't have to be fancy document; a simple hand written note makes it just a little bit easier.
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Contemporary Troubadour said...

Thanks for sharing -- really good advice. I'm e-mailing it to myself for future reference.