Thursday, March 05, 2009

Aargh --- search committee edition...

A lot has changed since the last time I read applications... namely, we bought one of those on-line application systems.

Reading an application used to take me a few minutes, now it takes forever...

and, of course we have a long list of them. grrr.

1 down, many to go.

BNCC English folks, it's a good thing you are among my very favorite people -- I wouldn't do this otherwise :).


Anonymous said...

Just think, now that virtually every institution in higher ed uses an online app system, every application you read represents some poor job seeker having to retype his/her entire CV into the system, again, for every single job he/she applies to. Then, of course he/she will attach a Word/PDF version they've already hours tweaking until the margins are ju-ust right.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

This system is a pain in the butt -- I'm getting cranky just reading them. I feel bad for the folks who have had to apply with this system.

julie said...

*You* are one of our very favorite people, too.

And put up a GIANT stink about the stupid system. There are MANY types of online application systems, and ours is just the worst.

Have you tried to rotate a document yet? You have to physically turn your screen . . . by hand . . . or tilt your head. It's awful.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

I do wonder if the system works better on PCs... my Mac and Firefox may be part of the problem.

I found myself tilting my head to read some things -- which got me odd looks from the cats.

I'm also a little frustrated because some folks can't follow the suggestion to send things in PDF.