Monday, March 16, 2009

Don't get me wrong -- I love Red State..

.. for a variety of reasons -- but, there are some things that make me crazy...

For one, the radio situation kind of sucks. In BNstate, we have a talk radio station that targets women... While I think they talk too much about movie/TV gossip, it is pretty easy to have as background sound -- and sometimes they are pretty funny. For example, they sent me to this link... about the Count -- they've bleeped every time he says "count".

In Red State, the choices are either conservative talk -- or uber-conservative talk. Nearly 100% men saying the same stuff about how they don't like the stimulus bill. In a few minutes Rush Limbaugh will be on -- oh joy!

BNstate NPR is really good -- in fact, we send out quite a few excellent programs. In Red State the signal is so weak it is hard to get on the radio inside the house, and we're lucky if it isn't some weird jazz instead of moderate-liberal talk.

Maybe I'm just celebrating the fact that we won't be here next year... hmmm.

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