Saturday, March 21, 2009

NPTE, day one...

Today is the hopeful day.

The day that everything is possible. Every team thinks they can win the tournament. Nobody has been mathematically eliminated. No one has realized their research skills suck.

We'll do a few rounds today and be done before dinner. By this time tomorrow a few teams will be feeling pretty secure, many teams will be nervous and a few will have realized that they're out-classed or at least in over their heads. The 'in over their heads' folks will be looking forward to NPDA -- the rest still think they can win this tournament.

The thing is -- only one team wins. By Monday one team will be taking home the big trophy... and the rest of them will be trying to figure out how to win NPDA.

For now, Hubby and I woke to the theme from Mission Impossible. We'll put on our matching t-shirts that say "What kind of world do you want" and "history starts now" -- and go to work on another NPTE. I'm sure we're running this tournament with a good team this year --- so, we'll be able to solve the problems that inevitably arise.

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