Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Minion isn't helping...

... me read these applications.

As much as y'all hate sending the on-line things, I hate reading the whole lot of them.

The old 'print them out and put them in a book in HR' sounds good to me!!


Anonymous said...

You don't want to just spread print-outs on the floor and let Minion pick them?

You know, the place I work now (government, non-academia) makes everything simpler by only allowing applicants to list three past jobs in their system. Of course, I'm in a position for which a person who's only had three career-type jobs would be uncompetitive, if not unqualified. I delivered a whole CV at the first interview. But, given our system, I'm not sure how they chose me for the first call in the first place.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

That's the thing -- there ARE no printouts. It is all reading the applications on my computer screen.

timna said...

and I'm at the end of the new system where all of the tenure credentials were turned in on paper(ages ago) and now they want them all online. wonder why it's not them putting it online? oh, right, I have an interest in them accepting all of the documents, so they're right, I'll dance through the new system until everything's in place even though I did this three years ago. sigh.