Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Do you have the perfect apartment for me?

After helping Brain move, I started shopping for apartments....

The cats and I would like someplace that looks like this:

Attached garage with infinite storage for extra furniture.

Large office/den with a window for me to turn into the new DC. The DC needs a window, because I've become more like Kant than I'd ever admit -- in that I need to look out in order to think. I also enjoy watching the snow, getting some fresh air and generally seeing the world.

Ample but cozy bedroom -- big enough for our king-sized bed, antique dresser and nightstand -- with an infinite walk-in closet.

A livingroom that is just right (I found this one -- in real life). Big enough for my comfy furniture, but doesn't feel like a hallway or bowling ally. It has a fireplace with a TV niche above it and windows on either side.

A dining room with lots of wall space to accomodate all of our books and bookshelves.

A large but convenient kitchen, one that doesn't feel like the "hallway" kitchen of our current place, but rather feels like someplace you'd like to spend time and cook yummy meals.

A washer and dryer that is in the bathroom area -- with enough space for the catbox.

All of this should be in a friendly complex that is professionally managed, but not in your face about it -- where they allow you to grill in your driveway if you'd like and your neighbors come by to say hi but don't stay too long.

I'd like to pay about $500.00 per month, no outrageous "pet rent" -- which is just a disguised, non-refundable pet fee.

Of course, this is impossible -- but, a girl can dream.... and, test the "blog about it and find it" theory.

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Bardiac said...

You really do live a rich and full fantasy life, don't you!

I wish you luck finding the perfect place, though.