Tuesday, May 29, 2007

for the record, people....


Do I need to say this again? The fact that you are an idiot isn't my issue, don't spread it to me.

To the person on the phone...

Don't think I'm stupid, you were telling me that X would be back today. Don't tell me that "someone else may have been confused, she'll be back tomorrow." Ummmm, that someone else was YOU. You are making me wonder if I want to get into a long-term relationship with your company.

I started to wonder last week when the copy machine was baffling to you. You were in your own office, weren't new (I saw you there three weeks ago...) you just couldn't use the thing. All you need to do is to put the paper face down and push a button. This wasn't a complex move, one copy is all you needed.

Also, "January, April and May" are NOT 3 consecutive months. Since you collect this information for a living, you should know that. Don't treat me like an idiot when I tell you that you need MARCH... and don't ask me if there is one that is more current. It was mid-May at the time... there won't be another one until JUNE. Unless you can get in your time machine and move forward two weeks, there won't be one until JUNE 1. That is the reality of being paid once per month. Clearly, you don't get that.

To my logic student (S)....

Do your homework. Really, it isn't a mere suggestion if you don't have anything better to do, then do some logic problems.. .no, you need to actually DO the stuff.

And you student Y -- this is the second time you've clearly been unprepared. In fact, last Thursday is the only day so far this semester that you've been ready for class. Don't give me the stink-eye when you haven't done your homework. You even had a long weekend to do it...

Generally, don't be confused as to what homework was assigned. That is a big clue.

You'll get another clue on Thursday, when you take your quiz. It is going to suck, for you. You are going to worry about it all weekend -- to which I say GOOD! While you worry, do homework. Really, I mean that.

That is all.

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