Friday, May 25, 2007

A New era in the Dissertation Chamber...

For over a year, may be more, we've been mostly working in what we've called "the DC", for Dissertation Chamber.

The DC is our 2nd bedroom and is part office, part guest room. We found that we like working in the same room -- and that we didn't use our offices (our apartment is pretty big... diningroom, den, livingroom and two bedrooms... yea, it is silly --and only affordable because it hasn't been updated since 1970).

a key component of our DC is the wall of books...

The current configuration happened late last summer, just before hubby started teaching in Red State. We swapped the location of the bed and the table, which moved the table in front of the window, so the DC became more a place for one person to work than two -- which was kind of ok, because it was mostly me.

With hubby home for the summer, a small turf battle showed us that the current table just didn't work. We knew we wanted to work in the same room, but it just wasn't going to happen at that table.

So, we decided to go to IKEA.

Those of you who know me, know that IKEA is the promised land, a land full of decent but inexpensive furniture hubby has to put together. IKEA also holds other amazing treasures -- but today we went in search of a table about 9 feet long.

We ended up with two 4-foot long tables placed end to end where the old one was.

In our new configuration, we each have our own space, I can see out the window and hubby can easily see the TV, nobody has to sit on the end of the table.. and New Kitty has a whole new place to dominate and from which to torment Extra Toes.
all is well.

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