Monday, April 30, 2007

Dear Internets...

Please give me the sense of perspective and sense of humor to do the last two weeks of class.

I need to understand that they are as fried as I am, and that we should all give one another a break.

I need to remember that there is a reason they are at BNCC, and for many of the students in BNCC's wealthy suburb, the reason isn't financial. That means their reasons are academic and thus they don't have the academic skills they should have when they come to college. As a result, I must be both kind and firm. Kind to the people who make honest mistakes and firm with those who are screwing up college in the same way they probably screwed up high school.

Finally, please remind me why I love teaching and how much fun it is to see the good and/or hardworking students "get it".

and -- make my summer teachiing and the bonus paycheck that comes with it come sooner rather than later,



Chaser said...

I think you summed up the issues fairly well for yourself. I'm just bone-tired with everybody else--you can't beat yourself up for that.

Chaser said...

I posted that before I was done!!

Anyway, I hope things wind down soon and it's not too exhausting.