Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dear New Kitty...

Ok Cat -- here's the deal... I'm sure you are wondering why hubby and I bought those squirt bottles.... you are going to find out sooner or later... let this serve as a warning.

The toilet is not some place of awe and wonder -- I don't put my face in your litterbox, you stay out of the toilet until at least after I've flushed...'kay?

Walking on top of the antique mirror on the dresser is risky behavior. Doing so in order to get to the top of the 6-foot tall bookshelf is more risky. I'm not sure what you are seeking up there, but I doubt it is the mundane travel supplies I store up there.

Eating the 'cat palms' in the livingroom will make you sick. Just ask extra-toes. Don't do it.

And, if you could let me know when you decide to resume sprinting from one end of the apartment to the other, that would be nice.

cat mom

1 comment:

Seeking Solace said...

Hee! I have to explain to my dog that the toilet is not a magic well that never goes dry!