Tuesday, May 15, 2007

IOU for a real post...

Today was my last Tuesday off for a while... I'll miss them.

I'm done with grades for Intro. A few people pulled out Bs others As and a few failed. Just like every other semester.

Logic takes their stress-ball of a final exam tomorrow.... Secret message to "Sunshine" get a good night's sleep and spend some time tonight surfing the internet and relaxing with C and the cats. Tomorrow you are going to do great!

Tomorrow I'll look at, and choose, our new apartment. The complex I love has two choices for me, so hubby and I will go look at them after the logic exam.

After the apartment decision I'll head for the north woods and a "good daughter" day of cleaning closets and such for mom. Her Mother's day presents were a purse she wanted and thought was out of stock and the closet organizing things I'm importing to the north woods from IKEA.

I'll be back on Friday afternoon to finish Logic and be done with the semester --- of course, it is just in time to start summer session...

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Seeking Solace said...

Hope the apartment search goes well!