Sunday, May 06, 2007


Hubby is home for the summer. All that's left of his semester is grading jail.

It is so good to have him here and know that he's not going to pack up and go on Monday. We'll go down to Red State to tie up some loose ends in a couple of weeks, but we can go together.

Of course, I'm going to the north part of BN state today to see my mom in the hospital-- she fell and broke her shoulder and had to have part of it replaced. She's doing fine -- but it puts a major crimp in her summer plans.

Next week we'll go to Big Midwest City for a couple of days of fun-- and, since Mom won't be at the family thing, we'll just stop there for a few hours on the way home from Big Midwest City instead of spending the night and having a Mother's Day breakfast with her.

-- but, for right now, he's home and sleeping in the other room -- and I'm happy to have him back!

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Teri said...

I can't imagine what spending so much time separated is like... You must be quite strong.