Monday, May 21, 2007

Crazy, in a good way...

We are all a bit shell-shocked around BNCC... that is always the case with first summer session. Grades are not even due until tomorrow, but classes for the first summer session started today. As you can imagine, this makes things a bit odd around campus. Students have that 1,000 yard stare and a slight feeling of de ja vu, while the instructors are a bit off because they are often re-starting courses we've just finished--- but the faces and schedule are all wrong. The finishing touches to schedules are also happening -- so adjunct hiring is an issue, schedule SNAFUS are being resolved and everyone is more than a little flighty.

One of my favorite people in the building ran by my open office door, snaged a pen and went to class. She works on the opposite end of the building and realized that she was short a pen, so she borrowed one while I was in the copy room :). It was nice to see her face, although she did make me realize that I should close my door, as she could have been a student stealing my purse --

This afternoon I had a chance to chat with a former debater, Woodchuck. He's haivng kind of a difficult month, but I think things will work out for him in the long term. He'd really like to join the BNCC faculty and is willing to do part-time work etc. I know he'll be a natural, as he was always trying to teach someone something when he was on my team. It will be fun to have him come full circle, as he was my second BN state debater.... and quite a personality in his on right :).

After talking to Woodchuck, I went to the gym... yes, those of you know know me IRL can laugh -- me, at they gym... but, it is true. I've been two whole days in a row now. I think it is a good thing hubby and I joined a gym this week. The exercise will do us good and having an acitivity that is away from computers and phones for an hour or so a day is proving to be more relaxing than anything. Now, I'm waiting on my clothes from Champion and my swimsuits from LandsEnd. Both websites were having sales on their plus-sized stuff, so I'm pretty exicted to get a full gym bag's worth of workout clothing via UPS this week. Champion was also having free shipping for orders over $100.00 (mine was $102... go me!).

Tonight I saw a new side to the Super Dean -- who called me at home tonight to discuss recent confidental events. It didn't seem at all odd to me to be sitting in my DC wearing my pajamas, chatting with her while the New Kitty's bell rings in the background. I think the key to working with her is going to be timing. She needs some time to process stuff and she's great when she can focus on one or two things at a time. This is going to be valuable information when I'm department chair -- and need something from her :).

Tomorrow the wonderful cleaning person comes. I can't wait. I love coming home when she's been here doing her magic. So, I'm going to pick up so she can clean (those of you with cleaning people know what I mean... you don't want to pay them to pick up after you, you want to pay them to do actual cleaning...) and go to bed. 7:45 is an awful time to start a class...

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