Friday, May 25, 2007

a really long day...

My alarm went off at 5:30 this morning. I hit the snooze, but was up before it went off again.

I taught two classes.
Gave two quizzes.
Graded two quizzes.
Did prep for next week.
Went to the new apartment with paperwork.
Went to the gym and swam.
Came home, watched transh TV, ate dinner etc...

Then hubby decides to check out the gym in the late evening.
and invites Brain to play raquet ball.
I realize that the pool is likely to be empty at 10 PM and decide to go back ('cuz one ass kicking wasn't enough, and I got my new suits in the mail today... ).

The gym doesn't take visitors after 9 PM.
We take Brain home and go to our regular location to workout -- getting there about 11 PM.

The pool is nearly empty.
I swim, jog and do a bunch of other in water exercises.
Hubby hits the treadmill and the joins me in the pool.
We go in the hot tub for a while.

Now we are hungry -- so we head to Perkins.

Of course, the poor waitperson is overworked, so the food takes a while to get to us.
We eat stuff that isn't on our diet. It tasts nearly sinful it is so good... (fish and veggies can't replace pankakes and sausage...).

We come home.
I rins out two swimsuits.
I check e-mail
I realize that I got out of bed 20 hours ago to start my day.

Tomorrow, a day off -- whatever will I do? I think I deserve it, as I had nearly two days today.

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