Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I don't recall the exact date, but I know I met hubby 21 years ago this month. I'm pretty sure it was just before Valentine's day, because I remember being sad that I couldn't send him a flower in some bizarre high school mating rituatl that involved a student activities fund-raiser that let you send flowers to your friends in school...

I was 17, he was just about to turn 18.

I was a junior, he was a senior.

We were both in an Advanced Composition class and he'd already called our teacher 'incompetent'. He had yet to write his term paper on Watership Down... yea, only hubby would write a paper about an autobiographical novel using a book whose main characters are rabbits. And, only hubby would end up having to type it in mint green and brown... little did I know how those things wouldn't come as a surprise to me today.

Little did I know then that we'd be happily married 21 years later --- heck, I wasn't even sure we'd have a second date. I knew that somehow he'd always be in my heart -- I just couldn't see us together forever because I was sure our paths were leading us away from one another... thank God hubby saw things in a different light -- and thank God I was home when he came to Mom's a few years later.

21 years ago he was a geeky kid headed into the Air Force. I was a tall, quiet blonde who just got her driver's liscense and was about to start a job at McDonalds. On our first date we went to the mall and played video games -- we also talked non-stop. That night I did the kiss-and-run... officially I kissed him first. I'm happy to say we've improved on that one considerably :).

Today I taught two college philosophy classes and coached debate. He gave a kick-butt presentation at his college in Red State and is now rewarding himself for a job well-done. We sent one another pajamagrams and will meet in Corn state on Sunday night to celebrate Valentine's day. We've been many more romantic places together, but this weekend a nice hotel in Corn State will be the place for us.


Anonymous said...

oh, I heart watership down!

comebacknikki said... sweet. :)