Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy things..

It is a cold day today and it will get colder... since I ignore the cold, this isn't a problem for me -- but people get cranky around me, so I need a list of things that are making me happy today...

In no random order...
My department -- 5 nice people who get along.... even if we take turns being a bit clueless, everyone is trying and we don't have the deep and nasty divisions other departments have. Also, New Guy and Dog Dad got recognized for their teaching.. YEA!

My debate team -- small, but mighty. The inclusion of D2 in practices and some travel is a good addition and will make things a little easier for Sunshine and Swear Jar. Both Sunshine and Swear Jar are trying to debate well -- and working on improving. What more could I ask for?

My hubby -- even though we won't be together on V-Day (for the first time since 1999), anticipating the pajamagram and our meeting in Corn State is enough to make the day good.

My cats -- Old Kitty is content sleeping, Blind Kitty has been quiet today and Extra-Toes has been worshiping the space heater all afternoon. ... photos to follow.. They are all sweet and I understand why hubby misses them so much.

"Chick Talk" radio -- keeps me company while I work and drive. Just enough fun stuff to be an occasional distraction without heavy content that really makes me think.

Chinese Food -- is on the way. The fact that I can get it delivered in the cold makes me happy... It should be here in 15 minutes -- YEA!

Good TV and an IM date with hubby -- We're planning to watch House and Boston Legal tonight together via IM. We make snarky comments and watch the programs at the same time. It isn't as much fun as watching together, snuggled in our wonderful bed -- but, it will do in a pinch.

Progress on my paper -- I have the Feminist Epistemology paper started.... and I think it is good. Thursday I'll be able to start the objections to standpoint epistemology. I think I'll be able to make my goal of a good first version to discuss in Red State at the end of next week.

The DC -- or, the dissertation chamber.... It is a good place to work. I can spread my stuff out on the table, use the bed for extra books and there is plenty of room for cats to hang out with me. If I want to watch TV (which I rarely do..) I can do so. Normally, I have the radio on.

Books on my IPOD... I just finished Carl Hiaasin's "Nature Girl". It was fun to listen to and gave me something to track on my drive back and forth to Red State. The book itself wasn't nearly as much fun as some of his earlier ones... maybe I'll get an old one for the next drive.


Arbitrista (formerly Publius) said...

I'm sorry you're apart from hubby on Valentine's. No fun.

timna said...

sounds wonderful.
are you going to tell us anything about looking for work closer to your husband?

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

I doubt I'll be going anyplace next year... sigh. I need to finish my dissertation before I'll be a good candidate down there.