Saturday, February 03, 2007

Round 6..

So -- they lost round 5. They got hit with something out of the second gov't speech that wasn't all that hard to answer, if you know the answers -- but, like any easy answer, you have to know it to get credit... They tried hard, I'll give them that.

Round 6: They have to support the US spending less abroad and more at home... kind of weird, since they have to have two plans to be topical... we'll see how it goes. If they win this, they'll be 3-3 and, they'll have met the optimistic goal I had for them. I'd be ok with 2-4.

We are all tired and learning how to deal with one another when we are a little cranky--- that's a good thing and great practice for nationals.

Tomorrow we'll watch some rounds, I'll judge a little and they'll get some educaiton on the other stuff that is going on in debate world. We'll also take the traditional naughty picture with the Jesus statue. If I can figure out a way to do it while maintaining some shred of anonymity, I'll do so.

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