Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cable update & another request of the internet...

yet more proof of 'blog it and it will happen'...

As I sent my previous post out into the internet, the customer service person decided that I was worthy of a credit and got it worked out herself.

It seems that three phone calls and two screwed up complaints to the (in my mind) non-existent research department is necessary before the customer service reps gain the magical powers to get things done. I should get a free month of cable, credited to my account.

We'll see if it actually happens.... I'll be happy when I see the credit.

Now... as for ""...

Placed an order for an 8-day cat feeder on Jan 30. Still haven't seen it, but also haven't been charged for it.

One e-mail bounced because I can't type... their phone number has a full voicemail... we'll see.

What I want them to do is to charge my credit card the $79.99 and send me the cat feeder.... NOW.

I wasn't kidding when I placed the order-- please, do the work I asked you to do... and that I'm paying you to do.


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