Friday, February 02, 2007

Hanging in San Diego...

Another debate tournament... another flight on Monopoly air... sigh.

Although, this isn't just another tournament. It is the biggest invitational tournament of the year, at the most beautiful campus on the circuit-- I don't know how you can beat a campus right on the Pacific Ocean... sorry Red State, you were friendly and all-- but you don't have one of those big blue things. I'll post some photos later-- I promise.

This tournament and hotel are bringing back a bunch of memories for me.

This was the first big trip I ever took a team to. Eons ago Hubby and his partner won this tournament and got beat in semis in the round robbin. They also got really high speaker awards -- so the flight home with an extra bag of trophies was pretty funny... the look on the fligh attendant's face when he told her that he wasn't going to gate-check the duffle bag because it was full of debate trophies was priceless... she realized that he wasn't going to give in and that he'd win the argument, like he won a lot of arguments that weekend.

The next year was the year Hubby and Pony got 'walked over' in semi's at Nationals... thus the reason I have a standing team policy that it won't happen. Now they have changed the rules to eliminate exactly that situation. Thus, it is also the first and only time (so far) I've seen one of my teams in finals at nationals. (Secret message to D1 -- I'm pulling for you this year... you can do it.)

This was the tournament hotel where we had some fun -- a lot of fun, involving a bit of intoxication and sillyness. Someone who reads regularly got a drunken version of a French Manicure, and probably ruined a perfectly good suit. We all had fun celebrating having two of the top 3 teams in the country.

Last time I was here, one of my debaters had a temper tantrum in the parking lot over returning a roll-away bed. If this person really does get into politics, you can bet your backside that one will come back to bite them. I'm waiting and I'll probably always be in contact with some of the witnesses.

I don't know what will happen this year -- but, I'm sure it will be interesting. I'll be happy if Sunshine and Swear Jar can learn to work together and see that the other person really wants the same thing -- to win.

Secret message to D2: I wish you could be here. Swear Jar has a suite to himself, he could easily have shared with you.... and everyone should do this tournament at least once in their debate career. If I could have gotten away with buying your airline ticket, I'd have done so. You are doing us a huge favor by doing the practice rounds.

It is time for bed -- tomorrow will be a beautiful day. At home it is going to be a high of 0 degrees...

I packed my sandals.

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timna said...

I am so jealous. enjoy!