Sunday, February 11, 2007

Home with clean laundry....

I now have enough clean clothes to last a while.. YEA.

Next weekend we have another tournament. There are a few nice things about it...

1) It is a short flight away, and we have the cash to fly:).
2) It is run by a good pal of mine, who runs good tournaments.
3) We get home on Sunday at !:00ish -- and have no school on President's Day --

So -- hubby and I are meeting in Corn state... at a nice hotel that is half-way between BN state and Red State. I'll drive down right after my flight in from the tournament and he'll drive up from Red State. We'll have a nice evening together and neither of us has to rush home the next day.

If I could bring the cats with me, it would be perfect.

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