Monday, February 19, 2007

Thanks for Visiting BN state...

Yesterday, I landed from Pizza city in BN state, went home to feed the cats and then drove to Corn state to meet hubby for a late Valentine's Day celebration.

On the way down to Corn State, at the border, there is a sign saying "Thank you for visiting BN state".

The sign was talking to me... I feel like, a visitor.

Today I'm back from Corn State -- I'll be here tonight and tomorrow -- then off again on Wednesday for almost a week. After that I'll be home for a while --- over two weeks, before leaving for NHJKLM nationals and KLNPDALKLOO nationals, both in the inter-mountain west.

After nationals, it will be April.... and I really can't wait.

Tonight, I'm already in my pjs. I intend to watch TV, read some blogs, pet some cats and be in bed by 10 PM.

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timna said...

I can't imagine how you would get the dissertation done while coaching. That's an unbelievable travel schedule.