Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"Home" -- for at least a couple of weeks...

It is really odd being in a long distance relationship. In many ways I feel that I live in two places.

On one state, my hubby lives. He's my best friend, my sweetie and someone who will still make me laugh when we are in a double room at the home... I know my way around Red State City as well as hubby, because we lived there for so long... What's odd about thinking about living in Red State is that the rest of my life isn't there. My cats, my stuff and my job.

When I get "Home" -- to BN state, I come back to the place Hubby and I lived together for four years, with the stuff we've collected for nearly 17 years, and the three neurotic cats who call us their humans. My stuff is here, my cats and my job is here.

To compound the oddness is that I've always self-identified as being a BN state native. So, when people ask where I'm from, my answer has been the same no matter if I lived in the mountain state, Red State or BN state.

Maybe I'm not that strange in this regard. Within academia, we move around a lot. Getting a t t job in your home state is so unusual that it is assumed that you've moved from elsewhere to take the job. There is a reason the holidays are high travel times, people are going "home for the holidays" -- wherever that may be.

No matter, I have two weekends where I'm not going anyplace... and I'm going to enjoy them.

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timna said...

enjoy being home!
(and happy belated birthday to your husband).