Monday, June 05, 2006

Writing -- making progress

Yesterday I planned to start on the revisions I need to do on one of my area papers. Of course, I couldn't find the file with the articles etc.. I needed -- and, it being Sunday I couldn't get into my office at BNCC... they refuse to give us keys -- even those of us who are full-time etc...

Today, I went to BNCC -- saw Wise Woman and gave her the jackalope bank we got her in Wall, SD... I also had (free) lunch with Dog Dad at a student function and then took my files to a coffee shop to do a revision... and, I got it DONE.

When I got home and checked e-mail I got a set of suggestions for revision on another area paper... when the original with the numbers on it comes in the mail, I can get that one done as well... it will take me a bit longer than today's revisions, but I'm sure I can get it done soon.

Tomorrow I'll proofread the first paper and send it out --

Soon (this week, perhaps...) I'll look at my "advancement to candidacy" paper and probably send it out as well.

I could, by the end of the month, have all this done and be officially ABD... wow.

I'm happy about the progress -- I'm kicking my self because I could have done this last summer, but I was afraid of having a paper "fail" -- Dog Dad told me what they do when it doesn't pass -- and, not passing didn't kill me :).

I forgot how much I love "living in my head" -- it was a good day... I'm tired in the good way and ready for some trash TV.... maybe we'll get lucky and there will be a thunderstrm in my neighborhood...

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Alice said...

Congratulations on getting stuff done! I am only in my second year (or will be next semester, actually) so there is a long road ahead.