Friday, June 16, 2006

Writing -- it's all about the rewards, baby...

I've been pretty productive today.... domestically at least --
-- loaded the dishwasher
-- went to the grocery store
-- resolved self-imposed bank snafu (money that was supposed to be stashed in savings got put toward the car payment instead... oops... should be reversed in the next couple of business days... ).

-- wrote e-mail to supervisor asking some general questions about the dissertation process
-- finished reading and critiquing the draft of the Ethics area paper.

Now: blogging is the last step in work avoidance.. that, and a treat --

today's treat: root beer float -- ummmmm... big and frosty with the yummy foam and icecream infused with rootbeer,,, waiting for me here in the DC.... hubby is eating lunch aross the table and the dissertation cat is in his place....

no excuses, I've got to get back to work --

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