Saturday, June 03, 2006

Writing -- being a good girl

I'm being such a good girl today... I just have to congratulate myself...

I started working at 8:30 (helped by a huge cup of coffee...) and have been putting books and articles into endnote all morning with the cats and NPR for company. This is my first blog break...

I plan to finish soon, eat some lunch and take a couple of books onto the deck this afternoon for some reading time. I'm guessing it will be an article on asymetric warfare or the chapter by Orend on Walzer's jus post bellum...

I've been firming up the dissertation thesis --- I'm pretty sure it is going to be a virtue ethics version of just war theory... updated for modern combat challenges and techniques and adding to it jus pre bellum and jus post bellum principles...

and, I plan to have it done SOOON... well, not exactly...

I have to keep reminding myself of what I found on PhD Me's site one Poetry Friday

I wrote a dissertation -
it wasn't very fun -
but I wrote the pages anyway
because I wanted to be done.

At time, I knew my subject;
at others, I did not.
Sometimes I could not find the words;
sometimes I found a lot

Regardless of the process then,
today -- I'm glad to say -
I turned the dissertation in
and graduate in May

This is posted in my dissertation room (we call it the "dissertation chamber") which has our dining room table, the guest bed and a whole lot of bookshelves with all of our relevant books (two dissertations = TONS of books...).


Big Orange said...

hee! I LOVE that poem! One of the many reasons, though, that I've stopped at my Masters, thankee. I mean I LOVE writing, but really, a thesis is nothing more than a monster in a box. ::shudder::

Neat blog, and good fer yew on the bloggin break! I need to do the opposite: STOP bloggin and clean up this DUMP OF AN APARMENT.... ::double-shudder::

App Crit said...

You seem deeply in medias res. Good luck with it all, and it will be soon.