Thursday, June 15, 2006

Playing Hookey

Today I just couldn't do another academic thing....

Yesterday I spent in the office getting my materials ready for the conference next week. I'm all set -- I just have to get copies made when I get to Utah next week.

I'm using the excuse that I'm letting my ethics area paper sit one more day before I go at the heavy editing..... but, really I'm just in need of a day off.... so, hubby and I decided to go to a movie this afternoon..

We saw "Over the Hedge" -- really fun movie with a soundtrack by Ben Folds (who I know thanks to D2!!).

We decided in the first couple of scenes that our debater we call "The Russian" was the model for the squirrel, Hammie. Imagine that much energy --- in a tallish, thin Russian 18-year-old and you have one of my novice debaters from last year.

I think I'm going to spend the rest of the day reading a good book --- I'm not sure if it will be Sara Vowell's "Assination Vacation" or one of the other books I got at Borders this week as a treat for doing such good work....Vowell is really funny, but it is kind of a weird book and not exactly what I'm in the mood for now.

Tomorrow, back to work ---


Dr. Lisa said...

Yay! Hooky!

Tabitha Grimalkin said...

Good for you!! Days like this are so important!

T-Mac said...

I've done that before--given myself a day off. I call that time in my life "June." :-) Glad it worked out for you!