Sunday, June 11, 2006

Updats and crap that is in my head..

-- My boy cat with the extra toes is really getting to be a clingy cat. I'm not sure why, but even before there was a nip patch in the dissertation chamber, he wanted to be in here with me all the time. As I write he is sleeping under the table, but if I get up to go someplace, he'll go with me... my cat shadow or something... I don't suppose the catnip lotion I've been using has anything to do with it???

-- Got a bluetooth mouse as a toy to go with my Powerbook.... YEA -- of course, we had to go to the Apple Store to get it. While we were there we saw the newest generations of laptops and decided we liked ours much better.... especially since they don't make a 12 inch model anymore..... the smallest is a 13 incher.... glad we got ours when we did!

--- have been making progress on the area paper front. I'm planning to finish the draft of the ethics one today so I can review it tomorrow and hopefully send it soon. I'll send the Ancient one on Monday, after having reviewed it today. I'm going to do the 'work in the coffee shop' thing today to make sure I get it all done. After I've got both in the mail, hubby and I will treat ourselves and go to see a movie... yipee.... probably "Over the Hedge"

--- a philosophical question I am actually going to pose when I send in my ethics paper... at what point does a revised paper become a new paper. I'm revising the ethics area paper so that it will be nearly unrecognizable (except for the same overall subject) as the paper I turned in for a grade. So, at what point is it a new paper and not a version of the old one?

--- hubby won $60.00 at poker last night -- YEA.

-- I rented seaons 4 & 5 of Sex and the City -- and realized that I'm now OLDER than most of the characters --- aargh... when I started watching the show they were older than me... how did THAT happen?? They were always much different than me as well (and have tons more money...) but I liked them being older, not younger (except for Sam -- we don't know how old she is.). Also, took another "who are you on SATC quiz and came up Charlotte -- again... yikes -- except hubby isn't Tre at all... in any way.... (wink wink, nudge, nudge -- if you know what I mean)....


Seeking Solace said...

My dog tends to be clingy too. But a tripping over a clingy cat is nothing compared to tripping over a 70 pound dog!

Abbey said...

You realize the Sex and the City ladies are cheating on the age thing because they aren't aging on the dvd's, right? They're older in real life :)

T-Mac said...

$60?! Wow, that rocks!