Friday, June 16, 2006

Writing -- hubby humor...

PG ('Patty's Google" -- formerly known as hubby was fixing one of our IKEA lamps just now..

We started to discuss our bedside lamps, which, as PG says "fail the funciton of lamps, to give light"..

Of course, I got excited -- lamps, in my mind = IKEA.

PG got a bit irritated at the prospect of a trip to IKEA. Unlike myself, who could live happily at IKEA, PG has a problem with the place... as he said, "the problem with IKEA is the same one I have with guided tours, it is full of old people slowly following the arrows around the store"..

He's kind of right -- a crowded IKEA has to see everything and the store is organized along a set route--- unless you are brave enough to take the shortcuts and miss something -- you have to see everything in the store before you can get what you want..this drives a free spirit and comando-shopper like PG bonkers.

hmmm... although, if my memory is correct, the lighting part of the store is downstairs --- not up in the showroom... maybe I can get PG to go with me afterall, we'll see ---

Back to work -- I'm up to pg 15 of 33... YEA!!


LibraryTavern Liz said...

IKEA is sweet!

App Crit said...

IKEA is the quintessence.


Abbey said...

We don't have an IKEA in my state so I've never been to this store I've heard is so amazing. We're supposed to be getting one in my city soon but I don't about this structured shopping thing.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

IKEA's showroom is set up kind of like walking a path that connects the livingrooms with the dining rooms etc... They have shortcuts and they give you a map... but, hubby likes to go straight in, get what he wants and get out FAST!!!