Thursday, June 22, 2006

TFC conference... the buzz words

Stuent Centered
Meet them where they are
Learning Styles
Promotes learning
learning groups/communities/team based learning
Bloom's Taxonomy
Minute paper
feedback flags

FYI (not for your information...)

The list will grow tomorrow... I played some conference hookey today and took a nap -- I don't sleep well at altitude and I was falling asleep....Tomorrow is a 3 hour long keynote speaker -- I should have a good BINGO day...


Big Orange said...

I'm curious about the word 'fink'-- as in the traditional meaning? No, that wouldn't follow, would it?

Alice said...

Have fun -- but don't get carried away! :)

App Crit said...

(groan) I hear all that pedogogispeak, too, at some conferences and on my campus.

Bloom's Taxonomy is getting particularly trying. It's a fifty-year old idea that is served these days removed from the context of Bloom's original work, i.e. the other domains. It's been oversimplified, like a kind nanny has cut it into nice bite-sized moresels for us.

Just another little piece of the self-effacing discourse of constructivism.

Hope you're enjoying the conference.


timna said...

the fink is Dee, right? not that I remember any more than that, but it's been imprinted somehow...

T-Mac said...

HAhaaa...hilarious. I think there should be a phrase called "prof centered" and that you should use it all the time.