Sunday, June 11, 2006

Meme fever... 5 things

I usually don't do Memes --- but it is hard to resist this one..

5 Things in my...
1. watermellon
2. sprouts
3. milk
4. 1/2 a tomato
5. pop (Mountain Dew, Rootbeer and Diet Pepsi)

Closet -- the hall closet, because the bedroom is all clothes...
1. camping equipment
2. skates
3. cleaning supplies
4. winter coats
5. maps of canada

Car -- the Jeep is much more interesting than my Toyota
1. Curling broom and "slide" (the thing for their shoe that lets them slide on the ice
2. Mary Cheny's book on CD
3. Oregon State Sweatshirt
4. snowbrush
5. maps of Colorado and Wisconsin

1. just war theory
2. just war theory
3."what am I going to present in a couple of weeks??" -- I need a good issue to debate...
4. Who is going to debate camp this year?
5. having a washer & dryer in my apartment... don' t have it and won't get one soon...


T-Mac said...

Maps of Canada? Por Que?

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

We went to Candada on a long vacation a few summers ago and I fell in love with the place. Two years ago we did a circle of Lake Superior, which is 1/2 in Canada... I'm scheming on how to get hubby to go for a long weekend or something in July... we aren't all that far from it....