Monday, June 19, 2006

Writing.... another one down

I'm currently printing the final draft of the second version of the Just War ethics paper... which, as it turns out, is assessed differently than the other area papers --- by 5 members of the department, not just the ethics committee...

i think it is good -- Supervisor will let me know if he thinks it is ok... I'll mail two copies, one for him to read and one for him to copy for the others if he thinks it is OK.

Today I also pack for my conference in Utah tomorrow ---- and maybe take the rest of the day off... hmmmmmmm

I'm reading 'Ha Ha" -- a really interesting book. The narrator can't speak or write due to a brain injury and he suddenly has to care for a 9 year-old boy, the son of a friend... without being able to speak or write.... What is interesting is that he has full comprehension, but can't communicate.

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