Thursday, June 29, 2006

Another moonshadow missive

Got another message from Moon... this time I don't care about BNCC debate, I'm aparently a terrible person because I don't see how hard she tried and it is my fault that she didn't get to watch the Irish National team when they were on campus.

Of course, that isn't true.... I suspect she's either drunk or high and e-mailing me.

When I'm dealing with Moon I need to remember that she doesn't think like most other people. I'm not sure why that is, but I suspect a combination of drugs and the fact that she was raised by two artists who are not at all linear thinkers. That said, it seems bizarre to me that she doesn't understand that paying for someone to attend camp who decided not to compete last year isn't a good use of school money.

Alice suggested I go up to my happy place, which sounds great -- if only because I can't get e-mail up there and thus couldn't get her most recent missive.

I'm vowing now not to respond to her.... she has nothing new to say and anything I say to her only makes her worse. I may have to post my fantasy responses here... which is one purpose of a blog, no?

i just went to look again at my response. It is reasoned and I did not change my mind. In fact, I invited her to be on the team and be in the class next year.... that ought to really set her off.

I need to remember this is the girl who mortally offended both D1 and D2, and they can say some pretty out-there things....

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