Friday, May 19, 2006

Writing -- 3 Seasons

I've decided there are three seasons for me between May 11 and August 5...

May 12 - May 19 is "Summer" -- Starting the day I turned in grades...we goofed off, cleaned the house, I got a pedicure and generally did stuff I've been meaning to do for the last year or so... it was break time.

May 19- June 1 is "transition" -- Starting today we are going on vacation and taking a bunch of discipline related books and reading with us. Our general plan is to spend a week reading stuff for our dissertations to transition to the next season. We considered flying to Colorado for this vacation, but then realized that we'd have a hard time bringing all of our reading materials with us -- also, our Jeep wanted to go on vacation (it talks to us and says things like "I want to go camping" -- it is a demanding dark green Jeep Liberty... what can I say :) ).

On the way home we'll see Mt. Rushmore and the badlands of South Dakota. On the way out we'll stop tonight in the flat state -- hubby can get his official job offer from his BA school, we'll have dinner at one of my favorite restaurants and I'll get a great haircut tomrrow morning. Tomorrow night we'll stop in Denver before heading up to Steamboat.

I'll let you know how the "transition is progressing"... we usually have fun on the road together and we have a couple of new books on the ipod, so things should be fun.

June 1- August 5 is "dissertation" -- that is when we pretend the sun doesn't shine -- we are the only ones at the grocery store with pasty white faces (especially in our heaviliy Latino neighborhood). My goal is to read/write 6 days per week, 6 hours per day. I want two to three chapters in their first draft form by the end of dissertation season... Dissertation season is broken up by a trip to a very relaxed conference in Park City UT. I'm presenting, so that should be fun.

After August 5 a whole bunch of other stuff happens... hubby moves to flat state to teach at his BA school for a ridiculous amount of money.... my family has TWO family parties on back to back weekends in Iowa, I have three duty days between those meetings.... and the hubby is gone trauma.


Seeking Solace said...

Hope all goes well!!!

T-Mac said...

Hmm...good call, that makes sense!

Chaser said...

have a fun time!!