Monday, May 08, 2006

Misc stuff...

For those who wonder what happens when a philosophy major goes into business without taking business courses, you get John Mackey -- the guy who founded Whole Foods. Take that all you "what do you DOOOO with a philosophy degree" -- answer -- you start a cool chain of great grocery stores like Whole Foods.

Today I came home with a bag full-o-grading... I plan to have Grading Jail on my balcony tomorrow... the diet Coke is in the fridge, the popcorn is ready to go in the microwave and the radio will be on the Satelit Sisters --

So far it looks like I'll actually get paid for my debate travel -- yea!

Swear Jar and new partner (still no nickname for one of the new guys..) had their first practice round today. It is always kind of fun to see someone lose their debate "cherry" if you will -- they see exactly how hard it is, and how fun it can be. Swear Jar and partner will go to at least one camp this summer, maybe two -- I'm really grateful we have the funds to do this. Swear Jar could be pretty darned good an he wants to be D1... so, we'll see.

This could be a very interesting year for us, as hubby will be in flat state, so he won't be around to help me coach. Right now I'm letting Swear Jar coach his partner a bit, while I coach Swear Jar... I like Swear Jar being more responsible for mentoring his teammates. He's the only one with any real experience coming back, so a lot depends on him. He has good work habits and it seems that his partner is even more responsible than he is -- so I don't think I'll have some of the challenges I've had in the past.

It is finally sinking in that, as of sometime early next week I'm not going to go back to campus until sometime in August. This is going to be kind of strange... right now I have a stack of Intro exams to grade and a slightly smaller stack of logic exams to grade... best not to get ahead of myself.

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T-Mac said...

I love that you're getting folks started on next season already, that rocks. Congrats on getting paid for all your awesome efforts! :-)