Sunday, May 28, 2006

Vacation photos --- Western Nebraska "tourist" sights

Carhenge is just as wonderful and bizarre as I'd hoped it would be. According to the book in the room at our Days Inn, it was created in 1987 after an engineer went to Stonehenge and got inspired. These are real cars... old ones, all sprayed gray. The middle photo should be familiar to those of you who recall a Nebraska liscense plate in the last 20 years or so... it is Chimney rock, there are many more impressive rock formations like this, but this is the one Nebraksa decided to put on the liscense plate, go figure.

If you'd like more info, google "Carhenge" -- it is kind of odd in a public art kind of way... and it is nice that they don't charge admission... it is just out there on land 3 miles from Alliance, NE

Tomorrow we go to Mt. Rushmore...

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Very cool photos!!!